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Heavy Type Hammer Crusher

Heavy type hammer crusher has advantages of advanced structure, reliable performance, stable running and low power-consumption. It can crush the 600-1200mm materials to below 25mm directly. The crusher is suitable for crushing medium hardness and brittleness materials that compressive strength is no more than 150KPa, like coal, salt, gypsum, alums, bricks, coal gangue and so on.


The motor drives the rotors to rotate quickly in the crushing chamber. Materials enter the crusher through the feed opening, and then they are being hit, cut and grinded into smaller particles by hammers. There is a sieve plate under the rotor, so the materials of which sizes are smaller than the sieve size will be sieved out and others will be left to be further stricken and ground until they can be sieved out.

1.Wide application
Heavy type hammer crusher is designed on the basis of hammer crusher, vertical shaft hammer crusher and other crushers with mechanical principle of impact crushing. It can be used to handle all kinds of stones, coal and construction wastes.

2.High capacity
The feed opening can reach 1600mm, and the capacity can reach 3000 tons per hour. The design of crushing chamber is more aerodynamic, which increases the through put and makes the capacity 30% higher than other crushers. It can also handle the wet materials and solves the problem of chamber jam.  

3.Simple flow
Combining crushing and reshaping, large feeding size, adjustable discharge size. One crusher replaces the traditional three stages’ crushing, which reduces the investment by 35%.

4.Adjustable discharge size
Changing the way of controlling the products size with grizzly, the heavy type hammer crusher adjusts the products size just by adjusting the bolts. The large bulks evade actively, which decreases the abrasion of hammer and prolongs the life span of hammers by 4-6 times.

5.Solid durable
Helicoid design makes the shell can burden higher impact and protects the shell from deformation. Manganese chrome hammers have long life span. Lining plates spread of all over the crushing chamber protecting the machine from being damaged.

6.Easy maintenance
Eight hammer pin holes, four holes for spare. The machine body set multiple observation doors to check the operation of the machines. Large models are equipped with hydraulic device which makes change hammers and shaft more easily. The wearing parts are fixed with bolts and disassembled easily.


    Standard Type

    ModelRotor diameter      (mm)Feeding port size      (mm)Feeding  size(mm)Capacity      (t/h)Power(kw)Dimensions      (mm)
    PC0706 700×570 618×510 ≤400 50-70 75 1950×1340×1480
    PC0808 800×750 780×610 ≤500 80-100 132 2280×1790×1670
    PC0910 900×1000 1070×750 ≤600 150-200 110×2 2600×2200×1940
    PC1012 1000×1180 1255×810 ≤650 250-300 132×2 2800×2310×2210
    PC1213 1200×1280 1350×900 ≤750 300-350 160×2 2970×2580×2510
    PC1216 1270×1490 920 ×1530 ≤750 400-500 200×2 3070×2840×2580
    PC1220 1220 ×1950 920 ×2000 ≤750 500-600 220×2 3080×3380×2580

    Heavy Type

    ModelRotor diameter(mm)Feeding port size(mm)Feeding size(mm)Capacity(t/h)Power(kw)Dimensions(mm)
    PCZ15101500×9001000×90≤700160-210132×    23260×2414×2750