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Shanghai Shunky Sand Making Machine, Overwhelming in Mining

Time:2016-3-10 17:43:13

Shanghai Shunky, as professional sand making factory, is a combination of domestic sand production with actual situation. It developed a highly efficient crushing equipment of high level, widely used in a variety of rock, abrasives, refractories, cement clinker, quartz, iron ore, concrete aggregate and other hard, brittle materials in the debris, fine crushing.

Shanghai Shunky sand making machine is free of making various size and high quality products. The crusher has the material crushed by impact. Material caste by impeller go into impact block that fixed on the crushing chamber. For maximum crushing rate, Its angle and spacing are set according to the special purpose. A disadvantage of this device is the limited feed size, therefore can not be used for primary crushing but secondary crushing. In addition, because for the impact of stone on stone, the wear rate is much lower, especially in the crushing corrosive materials. It is strong in the performance of processing abrasive materials.

Sand making machine is low in production cost. Like other device, it  relies on the impact between ore and hard wares. Therefore, they have common characteristics with other impact crushers, which is superior to squeeze in design. Feed from upper part, bottom-driven, lightweight, compact, sand making machine is easy to install.

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