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Factors Affecting Gravel Crushing Plant Configuration

Time:2015-10-25 17:57:50

In order to meet the demand for concrete and building materials, it is universally acknowledged that we have methods for artificial gravel and sand making. Along the Yangtze River, the river stones can be crushed by crusher as building material.

As a professional crushing machine manufacturer, Shanghai Shunky Machinery Co. Ltd. can design river gravel crushing plant for customers, and take these factors into consideration:First, the maximum feed size of raw materials, as well as the ratio of the particle size distribution. The configuration of sand making plant is based on raw materials. The raw material affects model and layout of production process. For example, if there are more small particles, initial screening not only improves the yield of the sand making plant but also the efficiency of crushing equipment. When most of the material are of 50mm, we can add transit hopper, some of them needn’t to go through the crusher for primary crushing, directly into secondary crusher or screening, which would greatly improve the efficiency of the sand making plant.

Second, the hardness of river gravel will affect the choice of equipment. When stone polished by river, actually it is hard and strong with smooth surface, we should take this into consideration when choosing primary crusher and secondary crusher. Some clients have special preference for cone crusher. Its high speed, high crushing efficiency, simple structure, easy maintenance and replacement of wearing parts, makes it ideal larger stone of high hardness .Third, raw materials contain moisture and dirt. Before it goes into the crusher, especially for second crushing, we should try to minimize the content of the soil. If customers have higher requirements for the finished product, increasing cleaning equipment can make sure the finished product clean and fully meet building standards.

Fourth, in the form of the production line installed, considering the transport costs of raw materials, we may relocate the entire sand making plant for the river is so long, therefore some clients will choose the mobile crushing plant to make it easy to relocation.

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