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What Shall We do When Impact impact crusher blocked ?

Time:2015-9-24 18:57:36

Impact crusher, as an important mining equipment,will meet all kinds of problems when operation. For us producers, how to solve these problems and minimize the loss is of great importance. Otherwise, it may delay or cause damage. Here we take a look at how to solve the problem of blocking!

For impact crusher blockage, we should firstly take material humidity into consideration, excessive humidity make the processing speed be slow and overworked, so we must deal with the humidity of materials or slowing down feeding speed for avoiding clogging.

Secondly, improper operation. Correctly follow the instructions when operating the impact crusher. For this reason, we should strengthen the operator training for skills.

Thirdly, the design of impact crusher. Contact the manufacturers, and then improve in the future design as possible.

Finally, the peculiarity of material, the hardness and the size of the material is not within the scope of impact crusher, in which case we should regulate the hardness and size of the material.

Impact impact crusher is a mechanical device, and we need to be carefully to ensure the long lifespan.

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